Appreneurship Apprenticeship Program

Appreneurship Apprenticeship Program

The objective of this program is to provide start-up idea owners with practical advice, guidance as well as mentoring in order to make them succeed. In our vested interested lies the belief that there is a great reward.

The Arab world is full of smart talent. However, these talented individuals face a lot of challenges that drive many of them to fail or worse yet, to quit before actually failing. Our Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship program makes increases the chances of them succeeding or worse, failing faster and much safer with lessons to learn for the next adventure.

Flexible Collaboration Models

We have different engagement models. We could work for postponed agreed management fees or in exchange of some equity or with variable success fees. The objective is to share the risks as well as the rewards.

See all angles

Possessing a good software idea and developing its prototype is only the beginning. Knowing what other critical steps lie ahead in your journey and how to actually take them, will greatly increase your chances of success.

Access to Capital

After proving the idea actually works, researching its business case & putting its business plan, you need to get access to capital. After incorporating the right private equity management tools, we help get through rounds of angle investor as well as venture capital funding.

Quick Prototyping Envrionment

Establishing it all right from day one can minimize painful changes or upgrades later on. We give you the technical tools & development frameworks based on sound, tried and tested software engineering methodologies to help you quickly and rapidly launch or expand your software feature set.

Streamlined & Secure Remote Production

Our code production environment will help you expand & shrink your development team, utilizing remote international talents & skills, with proper security & intellectual property control.