Cloud Consultancy & Training

Cloud Consultancy & Training

BusinessClouds offers a group of public and private cloud computing workshops, training courses and seminars. Some are oriented towards business and financial decision makers while some are addressing IT solution engineers, architects, and developers. We also offer intensive customized 3 to 5 days workshops and trainings geared towards corporate IT departments.

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Cloud Development

Are you a developer? This training is design for developers and solution architects with an interest in developing solutions using emerging technologies of Cloud Computing. The course is delivered in two flavors, Windows Azure platform , and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Computing Crash Introduction

This training provides a comprehensive overview of cloud computing components and discusses key concepts needed to work effectively with the cloud.
The knowledge you gain will enable you to deploy various cloud models and evaluate cost benefits of various cloud solutions.

Cloud Computing Security

For security gurus, this training provides a comprehensive analysis of security issues associated with the cloud. It will allow you to analyze, manage and implement security solutions for risks associated with public and private clouds. The training focuses on networks, operating systems and application protection in various cloud deployment scenarios.

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On Cloud Computing

The course defines cloud computing building components and discusses key concepts needed to have a good understanding of its potential.
The knowledge you gain will enable you to distinguish various cloud models and understand current challenges and tradeoffs when choosing, implementing or migrating to the cloud.

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Cloud Computing Economics

The rapid growth of cloud computing means Corporate IT may no longer be the cheapest option to deliver application hosting, infrastructure or other IT functions.
This training provides you with insight to cloud computing economics and how to evaluate and develop various strategies, which result in a better realization of ROI and TCO of your IT investment. You will be exposed to topics such as CAPX vs. OPEX in IT services, costing elements and pricing characteristics.