The idea of the company was first envisioned in 2004. X-Aramcon colleagues, Samir Al-Jaiban and Saleh Almutairi saw the potential of business applications product development company built on Component Based Frameworks and started researching the concept.

ABSC Agreement

On May 1st, 2005 a project agreement was signed between Saleh & Samir to establish Arabic Business Systems Company to specialize in delivering Arabic Business Applications using an ASP model.

Dream v.s. Reality

After some market research, the two founders discovered the practical gap between what the small business community needs and what ABSC can deliver. The Application Service Provider model required good & reliable internet connectivity. By 2005 however, Internet in Saudi Arabia had only completed its fifth year (Internet became publicly available in Jan 1999). Hardly a few thousand businesses, primarily large enterprises, had access to good broadband internet connectivity. It was obvious that the company was not going to make any customers soon. While the feasibility study concluded that the project should be put on hold, primary and secondary market research all proved the desperate need for friendly & affordable ‘localized’ business applications by the small businesses sector.

Hibernation & Revitalization

Four years later, the two founders joined forces again armed with greater market knowledge & business management experience. This was in Nov 2010, when the company started development of its first two products, Dafater and SaaSMoney as a SaaS Monetization platform.

Open Jobs

Web Developer – Dammam

We are hiring web developers who has a good knowledge of software engineering concepts. You have to be able to demonstrate your work and knowledge through previous projects, etc. We accept talented fresh graduates who are hungry for experience and achievement.

UX & Usability Specialist

The candidate should have demonstrable experience in designing, evaluating user interface for web applications. Mastering at least one UX & UI design tool is a must. The candidate should have worked in a similar roles or have been involved in similar functions.

Channel Manager – Riyadh

To manage Dafater channels. He should ideally have 5 to 7 years of experience in software sales & channel management. SaaS experience is a plus. Must be an ARABIC native speaker. Excellent communication & presentation skills. Generous package (SAR 20k to 25k) with bonus & benefits.

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Moving Forward

Nature of Business

At the outmost & highest level, BusinessClouds is an idea incubator. Armed with a visionary & sophisticated software business-model-execution platform, we take software business concepts from theory to execution, all the way form feasibility studying to prototype coding, fundraising and market launch. Check out our model here.

The Vision

We innovatively commercialize services using the cloud.

The Mission

To help software entrepreneurs of the MENA region take their code from being a peace of software to a fully operational online business, complementing him (or) her with technologies, as well as business and management expertise and effort, sharing the rewards as well as the risks together.

The Management Team