Mar 23, 2014

Dafater Goes Commercial

Dafater Goes Commercial

BusinessClouds announced yesterday that it is releasing Dafater for the public. Dafater is a cloud ERP solution especially tailored for businesses in Saudi. Geared towards the SMB community, Dafater promises to change the way small businesses actually do business. It comes hosted along with additional value added services such as remote accounting and auditing for small companies.

In a comment on this news, Saleh Almutairi said: “Our objective was to isolate the entrepreneur or business owner from the technical details. This not only involves the IT components, such as the software and hardware but also the mundane accounting tasks for those who do not have a full time accountant or would like to have an independant senior accountant audit how their staff uses the system. We understand that garbage-in is garbage-out and hence made every effort possible so that using Dafater becomes both beneficial and practical.”

On the same line, Dr. Laith Al-Sulaiman, Dafater’s Program Manager, commented “ERPs are very difficult to implement and run, especially if you don’t have the technical knowledge or huge budgets to hire someone to do it. Our objective is to give SMBs the ability to have their own ERP system and access it on the cloud. With Dafater we achieved that objective”.

When asked “How mature is Dafater?”, BusinessClouds CTO Samir Al-Jaiban responded “Dafater core modules, i.e. accounting, human resources, sales, etc, have all been tested for more than four years now. What we did is acquired a mature base code and used SaaSMoney to make it commercially available. This was and will be our core vision in BusinessClouds, to commercialize services using the cloud. In fact, we use Dafater to manage our internal business matters including accounting and HR as well as many aspects such as support for Dafater itself.”

Dafater is now accessible via