Oct 8, 2013

EasyGov Opens Doors for Business

EasyGov Opens Doors for Business

EasyGov, the Outsourced Government Relations Services Division & one of BusinessClouds projects, has started its commercial operations today. “This service is a true example of SaaSMoney platform in action” Samir Aljaiban, CTO of BusinessClouds, commented on the launch.

“The service allows businesses in Saudi to benefit from Group Subscription Dynamics that SaaSMoney helped make a reality. Imagine a service, that is costly for a single business to operate. However, when you distribute the cost on a group of businesses while optimizing service output performance for the same group, you will then have a different and more pleasant picture; a service that would have been previously difficult & unprofitable to manage. Thanks to SaaSMoney” Samir ended his comment with a smile.

EasyGov (http://www.GoEasyGov.com) offers different packages with different features. It combines a call center, an online Request Management & Tracking System along with a large task force of Government Relation specialists. An interesting feature of some packages is Nitaqat Green Zone guarantee.