Monetization & Entitlement Platforms

Monetization & Entitlement Platforms

BusinessClouds offers you as a software producer or a software service provider the ability to competitively & efficiently monetize your software with a powerful platform that gives you the flexibility of executing difference licensing business models without having to change your code each time your model changes.

We also offer variants of this platform that allows IT departments to extend their existing software through the enforcement of easily manageable service level agreements or charge back schemes to other internal or external customers.

Sophisticated Integration Architecture

Within a matter of several days to a week, you can fully integrate your code irrespective of the code language (C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP, Perl, Python), greatly expediting your Time-to-Market.

Flexibility to Change Licensing Models

Stay Competitive by re-thinking service/product packaging and business models based on how your customers want to use your service.

Subscription & Service Plan Life Cycle Management

Subscription upgrades, downgrades, activation, suspension allowing you to easily and accurately manage your customer bills. Similarly for service plans.

Subscription & Service Plan Management

The scenarios are many, ranging from try-before-you-buy, subscription models, freemium models, pay-by-use or by user, outright purchases and so on.

Automate Entitlement management

Who is authorized to use what? While this can become quite complicated very quickly, tracking and managing user entitlements is an essential pre-requisite to making money in the SaaS world.